A portable fluid sprayer offering 100% surface coverage using charged particle technology. Call us for more information and details on pricing.


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E-Spray is a portable,  electrostatic disinfectant sprayer used to distribute sterilising solutions effectively and uniformly on surfaces. 

This ionically charged solution is dispersed in fine spray which evenly covers all parts of any surface. Through the electrostatic charge the fine droplets are attracted by objects and lay  down a sanitizing coating over the whole area.

Electrostatic sterilisation allows this even spraying of a sterilising fluid by electrically charging the particles of the fluid. The charged molecules repel each other helping them stay airborne until they are attracted to non charged particles such as the objects and surfaces in a room. The  charged particles are so small that they do not fall to the ground but stay airborne until a non charged particle attracts them.

Germs,viruses, fungi and bacteria will be eliminated from even the tightest corners and hidden surfaces saving time and eliminating the need for other deep cleaning processes. Difficult to reach areas such as high ceilings, inside machinery or behind cupboards can be reached by this electrostatically charged spray as the cloud of charged particles completely envelops the area and sanitizes every part of it.

This ionic attraction means that all the particles of the solution settle on and in surfaces at all angles creating a 360-degree, 3 dimensional coverage.

350sqm per hour
Battery Life (Standard)
6 hours
Flow rate
45 (Nozzle for 40 µm particles) 77 (Nozzle for 80 µm particles) 138 (Nozzle for 100 µm particles)
Power supply (V/Hz)
18 V Li-ion Battery 2000 mAh (Standard)
Machine dimensions (L x h x w) (mm)
417 x 280 x 90
Battery run time
upto 6 hours