An air recycling and sterilising device that eliminates microorganisms and odours in the air. Call us for more information and details on pricing.


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The AIRsteril unit takes in air from the room, sterilises it and mixes it with a blend of ionised oxide and ozone before redistributing the activated air into the room or space.  This activated air interacts with the other air molecules in the room purifying and sterilising the air content of the space over a short period of time.  This purification process works to eliminate contaminants including bacteria, viruses and fungi including odour causing gases and microorganisms.

The room is quickly sterilised and freshened.

A combination of internal and external processes ensure that a total elimination of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms are removed from the air around.

Internally, the unit irradiates the sucked in air molecules with dual UV light.  This paralyzes all microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi by destroying their DNA. The air is then mixed inside the unit, with ions which are then catalysed to create reactive, microorganism destroying radicals and compounds.  This ‘plasma quattro’ is sprayed out of the unit ready to seek out and eliminate airborne bacteria, fungi and viruses as well as other contaminants and odour causing gases.

Once released from the unit, this plasma quattro is attracted to both contaminants and living bacteria, fungi and viruses. The radicals and compounds in the plasma bond with active contaminants causing them to fall from the air.  Any living microorganism encountered by the plasma quattro is eradicated by the chemical destruction of its cell wall.

This makes these units an ideal sterilising and freshening solution for any public environment including inside rides and attractions, transport vehicles, bathrooms and waiting spaces.  

Machine dimensions (L x h x w) (mm)
470mm (l) x 140mm (w) x 120mm (d) (175mm wide to edge of mounting plate)
Continuous indicated by blue lamp. Requires annual lamp change and unit clean.
Weight (Kg)
Power supply (V/Hz)
18 watts - Connect to power supply for constant running with safety cut-off if battery starts to drain. Anti-vibration mounting plate for stability.
Anodised aluminium solid extrusion