Christie® CounterAct™ - Human safe UVC Fixtures

The CounterAct solution provides Human Safe commercial UV disinfection which significantly reduces surface and airbourne pathogens and viruses in indoor spaces. This product uses the only far-UVC virucidal and germicidal UVC technology with a patented filter that prevents longer UVC wavelengths from being emitted.

We are currently seeking applications from venues to join a pilot program using Christie's CounterAct Fixtures. Apply below:

How can far-UVC light help attractions battle COVID-19?

Watch the replay of the live discussion on 3rd February 2021 with industry leaders debating the potential of far UVC-light in the fight against COVID-19

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How far-UVC technology can help attractions in the battle against Covid-19

Coronavirus is airborne. So how do we clean the air that we breathe? As museums, theme parks and other attractions reopen in a post-Covid world, new far-UVC technology will help operators ensure their sites are as safe as possible.

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Understand how Christie® CounterAct™ with Care222 works.

TED Talk - Can light stop the corona virus?

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CounterAct Far UVC data sheet

Read the datasheet for the Far UVC light solution Christie® CounterAct™ with Care222

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Far-UVC 222nm viricidal light safe to use around humans

Exploratory clinical trial on the safety and bactericidal effect of 222-nm ultraviolet C irradiation in healthy humans

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Far UVC Light Kills COVID

A report on research carried out by Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University Irving Medical Center which shows that Far UVC light kills Covid.

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The Human2dotzero CounterAct pilot program is designed to establish a number of industry beacons, demonstrating best use of the technology and integrated alongside other COVID-secure measures, the program offers deep and extensive technical support, marketing support and preferential pricing. Please enter your details with a description of your venue and a short description of the other COVID-secure methods that you have or plan to implement.


What is the Difference Between Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilisation?

Cleaning is the process of removing dirt that is visible to the naked eye.  Cleaning should be carried out before disinfecting or sterilisation procedures are commenced.

Disinfecting is the process of killing upto 99.9% of microorganisms in an area. This is usually done by using chemical agents which destroy the cell wall of the microorganism.

Sterilisation is the process of killing 100% of any living microorganism, dormant living cellular organism or fungal spores.

What types of sterilisation are there?

Sterilisation can be achieved by applying chemicals, putting objects under very high pressure, applying intense heat for a period of time to ensure destruction of all living matter, irradiation, filtration or a combination of these.

How do we manage the process of disinfection or sterilisation?

Because of the different requirements throughout any establishment, it is usual that some areas of your premises will require only disinfecting and others may require sterilising.
You should decide which areas are designated high risk of contamination areas and which are low risk. Once you have decided this, you should keep a log of how often they are treated with the sterilisation or disinfecting equipment. The process should be documented, recorded and detailed. This information needs to be completed each time by the person carrying out the process and training and instruction of the above must be provided. The length of time required and volume of spray to be used should all be recorded also.

Shouldn't your masks go to the NHS (UK health Service)?

We responded formally within hours of the UK government issuing a call for PPE and we have been in regular dialogue since, both with the NHS and the Government Covid-19 Emergency Supply Chain Response team. What they are in desperate need of is a high grade mask with bacterial and particle filtration of 99% and high pressure (arterial pressure) fluid resistance. known as Type IIR masks. We will continue to keep our Government appraised of our product availability and stand ready to prioritise their needs.   If you wish to buy these masks and donate them to a charity or care establishment of your choice, you can do that here : ​Donate Type IIR Masks here​​​

What type of mask do I need?

If you're likely to be in a location where you can't guarantee social distancing, we offer two types of masks; reusable masks and disposable non-sterile ones. To work effectively the reusable masks we offer should fit closely around the face to prevent air leaks when inhaling or exhaling. When worn properly they provide 95% bacterial and particulate filtration efficiency to the wearer and to people around them by filtering the exhaled air of the wearer.
Disposable masks are looser fitting but still offer 95% bacterial filtration efficiency and are designed to protect others. These are well suited for large groups in confined spaces (such as transportation) or large venues with members of the public (such as museums or theme parks).
Both types have far superior filtration than home-made masks or masks that are produced without any certification or testing of their filtration effectiveness.
Our Masks are CE certified and have been tested for 95% BFE by a UK notified body.

How should I use my mask?

Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before putting it on and after taking it off and after use. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth at all times.

Do not touch the front of the mask, or the part of the mask that has been in contact with your mouth and nose. Once removed, make sure you clean any surfaces the mask has touched.

It is important that a mask fits over your mouth and nose securely. If you find the fit of the mask is too loose, shorten the ear loops with a knot or use an ear-saver device to hold the mask in place.

What are the different types of mask?

There are in fact quite a few types of masks that fall into a number of main categories;

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. This is a generic term for masks that are certified and tested to protect the wearer against specific hazards. The certification denotes their suitability for each type of hazard.
Our Masks are CE certified and have been tested for 95% BFE by a UK notified body.

Respirator - these are masks that are intended to protect the wearer and others around them by filtering the exhaled and inhaled breath of the wearer.

Surgical - A specific category of mask designed with a very high level of bacterial and particulate filtration and varying levels of liquid spray resistance (defined by the pressure of blood spurt from veins and major arteries!)

Medical, non-sterile - A specific category of mask, worn by a carer which is designed to protect the patient from the carer and to reduce the spread of germs in the carer's exhaled breath. It is a disposable type mask with high bacterial filtration.

Valved Masks - These are a type of PPE designed for the protection and comfort of the wearer. The valve doesn't filter the exhaled breath from the wearer and therefore these masks do not protect others against germs which may be passed from the wearer.

Face Coverings - This is becoming the common term used for non-tested and non-certified home-made or non-filtration masks designed to limit, to some degree, any 'respiratory droplets' being spread by the wearer. They are not intended to protect the wearer.

If I wear a mask do I need to follow other health and safety guidelines?

The masks we offer provide a further layer of protection. You should always first and foremost follow government guidelines on social distancing, hand-cleaning, sanitation, and all other precautions as well as the prevailing health and safety criteria of your situation.   

I'm a teacher, what type of mask do I need?

Returning to the classroom can a worrying proposition. We believe it is essential for teachers and school staff to be well protected in this high density, high risk, indoor environment. With a proper-fitting high filtration reusable mask worn throughout the day, you will significantly reduce the risk of viral infection at school.

Our reusable masks with high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE, >= 95%) are the most effective choice as they protect both the wearer and the people close by.

It's important to understand that In a school environment, where children are not wearing masks, a disposable 3-ply type mask, or low filtration face covering, would not be the correct choice for you as these only protect the people around you - not you!

To work effectively reusable masks should fit closely around the face to prevent air leaks. When worn properly our masks provide 95% bacterial and particulate filtration efficiency to the wearer and to others.

What's so special about your masks?

Our masks use high quality Meltblown fabric to provide very high levels of filtration. The name comes from the production method of melting thin fibres and blowing the strands in turbulent air to create the fabric layer. This creates very a fine mesh, far finer than can be achieved with woven fabric. Since the outbreak of the Coronoavirus pandemic, meltblown fabric has become extremely sought after which has led to a global shortage and rapidly escalating prices.
Our Masks are CE certified and have been tested for 95% BFE by a UK notified body.

There are a lot of fake masks coming from China, how do we know yours are genuine?

Our Masks are CE certified and have been tested for 95% BFE by UK notified body INSPEC International Ltd (Report No. VG2 RfU 02.075_01 Human 2.0)
And tested for PPE regulation: EN 149:2001 +A 1 :2009 (Respiratory protective devices . filtering half masks) by SGS FIMKO OY, Notified Body 0598.
The authenticity of the certificates below can be verified by emailing or contacting :
SGS FIMKO OY, Notified Body 0598
Takomotie  8, Fl--00380,  Helsinki, Finland
t +358 9 696 361 f +358 9 692 5474

Human 2.0:
Improving Health, Education, Social Values, Disparity and Inequality by
Sharing Knowledge, Time, Experience and Assets, enabled by the Application of Technology.

We believe that humans are better together. Better by working, laughing, thinking and just being human together. Like you, we want to get people back together, safely. In these uncertain times we advocate the use of masks when social distancing is not certain, and the ones we offer have a high Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 95%.
We have searched for effective solutions to the pandemic and make them available to you our customers. We offer solutions that will allow a better and safer approach to opening the world up again. Everything on our site has been verified and tested by professionals to ensure that they are effective and safe. The equipment that you buy from us is helping to fight the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and others like it.
Whether you need to get your staff back to work, your guests back to your venue or to care for your elderly residents, we can support you.

Our FAQ can help you decide what you need and if you have any questions simply use our contact page to get in touch.

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